WE50 Awards

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2024 criteria for nomination: Enhanced By Engineering

From pioneering developments in transportation to innovations in healthcare and technology, women engineers in the United Kingdom have significantly enhanced people’s lives. Every day there are examples of where engineering has improved the lives of people, from Caroline Haslett’s 3-pin plug still in use today, to the airbags and seatbelts that contribute to vehicle safety, and the burgeoning development of fast and safe, at-home testing for infections in cancer patients. We can’t wait to see what else women do in 2024.

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Could you be a WE50 winner?

Essential Criteria – all nominees must satisfy these:

  • A woman, aged 18 or older
  • Based in the UK – nominees do not have to be UK citizens
  • Not a previous WE50 winner
  • Can demonstrate the creation or improvement of a product or process

Desirable Criteria:

  • Acting as an advocate for other women in STEM
  • Working or studying in engineering industries and allied sectors, engineering education, or engineering research
  • Achieving beyond what would normally be expected for career stage – nominations welcome at all career stages

Entries that focus solely on engineering or solely on supporting women will not do as well as those that demonstrate both. We regret that we cannot include nominations for anyone based outside of the UK, even if they are UK citizens, with the exception of women serving the armed forces.