• @WES1919

    RT @lizbruton: Women built London’s Waterloo Bridge during #WW2 but it took "Daily Herald" photo held by @mediamuseum to provide conclusive…

    1 hour 56 min ago
  • @WES1919

    RT @jesswade: 💻Meet Prof Suchi Saria (@suchisaria), master of machine learning @JohnsHopkins. Saria uses big data and AI to improve patient…

    2 hours 37 min ago
  • @WES1919

    RT @lynsey_seal: Balloons ✅ tissue paper ✅ batteries ✅ copper wire ✅ nails ✅ 💡 ✅ paper clips ✅ all materials collecting together for STEM a…

    6 hours 10 min ago

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