Partner with WES and you will benefit from:

  • Over 100 years’ experience of inspiring and supporting women in engineering
  • Opportunities to share knowledge with other partners in our extensive network
  • Development support for your company’s Diversity and Inclusion strategy
  • The opportunity to raise your company profile as an investor in women

You’ll enjoy a personal touch as a WES partner. We’ll get to know your business needs and work with you to maximise the value and benefit of your partnership with us.

The Partners area of the website is currently under construction. If you are a partner and looking for any resources please email partners@wes.org.uk.

Why partner?

Discover the benefits of joining with WES on our mission to support women in a more inclusive engineering industry.

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Learn more about the fantastic organisations who support and fund WES as partners, sponsors, collaborators, and donors.

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The Partners area is currently under construction. Whilst this is offline if you need any resources please email partners@wes.org.uk