Climate Emergency Group

The Aims

To provide a platform for knowledge sharing and to share experiences, develop understanding and expertise, to better influence the delivery of sustainable solutions, Net Zero Carbon and the UN SDGs.

Board Members


All WES Members and passionate disruptors, Influencers and Educators are welcome to join the diverse and passionate group. Get in touch to find out what you can do to help.

Individually our members are doing great work in the workplace and beyond to put in place climate actions and inspire others.  We of course share this great work and support each other.
As a group we have delivered several webinars on a variety of topics and the group were part of a panel event at COP26 in Glasgow.  We are working with the WES Board to ensure WES lead by example. 
Group discussions have led to identifying that much effort has to date been spent on encouraging individuals to make personal changes.  Whilst this is important the group acknowledge on its own this ‘bottom-up approach’ will not tackle the climate crisis.
We are currently concentrating on promoting our open letter to the UK Government to encourage a top-down approach from the UK Government and policy makers.