Our projects and campaigns

Our projects and campaigns

Every 23 June, International Women in Engineering Day celebrates and profiles the best, brightest, and bravest women in engineering who recognise a problem and dare to be a part of the solution

Featuring the lives and stories of inspiring women engineers who are WES members, this campaign uses real-life role models to promote engineering

Designed to capture the interest of a younger engineering audience, this campaign sees current engineers go on tour with Lottie Dolls to showcase how varied and exciting it is to work in engineering

This mentoring scheme, open to both men and women in STEM, lets you connect with an independent mentoring partner with the skills and experience to enable you to reach your milestones

Putting diversity and inclusion at the heart of STEM talent acquisition, this award-winning programme helps employers recruit any STEM professionals to re-start their careers or transfer their skills

We are asking the UK Government to accelerate work to ensure a future for all citizens.