Invitation to participate in our survey: Exploring the diversity and inclusion implications of AI for engineering

My name is Susannah Sacks, and I am reaching out on behalf of the Royal Academy of
Engineering’s diversity and inclusion team to ask for your participation in our survey
exploring the diversity and inclusion implications of AI for engineers’ professional lives
and engineering products.

As someone with engineering expertise, your participation in our survey is highly valued.
Your input would help to address the lack of research on diversity and inclusion,
engineering, and AI and enable us to craft recommendations for the ethical adoption and
development of AI within the engineering sector.

The survey will take 14-15 minutes and will be available for 2 weeks. Your participation is
anonymous by default, however, if you wish to do a follow-up interview please provide
your name and email at the end of the survey.

Click here to participate in the survey

Your participation in the survey is entirely voluntary. If you would like to withdraw or have
any questions please email

We are committed to data protection, security, and confidentiality. Your data will only be
used for the purpose of this research and data from this survey will not be published, as it is
aimed to serve as an internal scoping exercise.

Further information is available via the Royal Academy of Engineering privacy policy:

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