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We’re reimagining the car of tomorrow. Our future of sustainability-rich modern luxury will be achieved through curiosity, creativity and precision engineering.

The best minds will help us get there. People who question every tiny aspect of the manufacturing process in their pursuit of creating innovations that move people. People who discover cleaner, smarter, faster and unique luxury solutions through innovative research. People who will drive inspiration from concept to roll-out. People who can discover a way of working that suits them and their engineering skills best. People who can power the future of JLR.

Reimagining technology, disrupting an industry and developing the systems and solutions for a better world, will be realised through our strategy, our investment and with the brightest engineering minds who can develop new innovations that move people.

Women in Engineering & Allies

Promoting and facilitating a gender inclusive environment within engineering such that everyone can have equally enjoyable careers. The Women in Engineering and Allies Network continues to grow rapidly, engaging female engineers to flourish and recognising their work. The network has chapters across various sites and is fully aligned with all JLR’s employee-led, Diversity and Inclusion networks.

Led by a talented and dedicated committee of volunteers, the network has an active schedule including: two annual conferences with updates, storytelling and external experts; technical, progression and D&I themed networking lunches every month; engagement activities for allies and manufacturing sites; outreach activities in schools, universities and at careers fairs; and much more. They also support campaigns such as JLR’s FurtHERing Futures campaign and have a monthly newsletter to keep everyone informed.

Some of our Teams


Product Engineering builds the precision and pride into every vehicle that inspires loyalty in our customers. Every conceivable aspect of the manufacturing process is overseen, refined and continuously improved and reinvented here.

BODY ENGINEERING creates the head-turning, crowd-pleasing looks that make our marques uniquely recognisable.

CHASSIS ENGINEERING considers, resolves and delivers the various aspects of motion.

ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING delivers smart, connected, clean vehicles through creativity and design innovation and opportunities in a variety of digital disciplines.

POWERTRAIN ENGINEERING delivers power and performance, drives electrification and embraces cleaner, more environmentally friendly, fuel-efficient technologies.

PRODUCT ENGINEERING operations keeps our Engineering function performing at its innovative best by supplying precise tools, processes and validation techniques.

VEHICLE ENGINEERING takes care of all the elements that make our vehicles a cut above the rest and delivers exceptional customer experiences.

Hybrid Working

At JLR, we offer hybrid working where you can split your time between working from home and in the office. Hybrid working is a voluntary, non-contractual arrangement providing employees with more choice and flexibility around how, when and where they work, if suitable for their role.

Our Culture

At JLR, we are passionate about our people. They are at the heart of our business. We are committed to fostering a diverse, inclusive culture that is representative of the society in which we live; a culture in which every one of our employees can bring their authentic self to work and reach their full potential. We believe diversity and inclusion is about leveraging the power of the differences and uniqueness that each of us bring, whether it can be seen or not, because we are all different, we are all unique.

We aim to:

  • Shape a culture of unity, belonging, inclusion and respect
  • Implement progressive policies, benefits and support
  • Engage our employees to accelerate our progress

Embracing inclusive behaviours and taking a zero-tolerance approach to any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination is both the right thing to do and will also improve innovation and positive decision-making. Responsibility for fostering an inclusive culture starts with the individual, and we encourage all our people to think about how they can act as allies to others. Through allyship, we aim to encourage continuous education and positive conversations to address knowledge gaps, ignorance and unconscious bias and foster an inclusive community.

We are proud to champion racial equality in the workplace as the first UK car manufacturer to sign the Business in the Community ‘Race at Work Charter’ and to have joined The Valuable 500, a global movement dedicated to ensuring disability inclusion in business. We are proud to partner with a number of external organisations to drive improvements across our business in Diversity and Inclusion.

Developing your Skills

We have launched the JLR Learning Academy, a home for lifelong learning. We are creating engaging, relevant and personalised learning content and experiences that can impact personal, team and organisational performance.

It is essential people are curious about things and take their own development seriously in order to be better equipped to move into different roles, projects or careers. The value of our people lies in their continued development and in our commitment to invest in their learning and growth in order that they can optimise their performance, whatever their role.

An essential ingredient in our success is the creation of an environment where managers actively share what they are learning and encourage others to grow and stretch and where they coach and mentor others to maximise their team’s performance and continued growth. Through the JLR Learning Academy we are seeking to enable people to learn, create, grow and to support others to do the same; daring each other to embrace the changes and the challenges we face and ensure our future is bright.

Rewards and Benefits

A professionally satisfying and exciting role isn’t the only thing you’ll find rewarding around here. We’ll look after you with a host of benefits designed to reward and recognise good work. And we’ll invest in your potential with award-winning training.

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Join us and you’ll sit at the very heart of what we do. And the decisions you make will have a direct influence on our success, and yours.