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BAI Communications designs, builds and operates communications infrastructure – cellular, Wi-Fi, broadcast, radio and IP networks – connecting communities around the world. With a heritage of over 90 years, and operations in Toronto, New York, Hong Kong and Australia, BAI creates networks that unlock new services for our customers, enabling them to deliver better connected and enhanced experiences every day.

Our cutting-edge technology enables, annually, more than 4 billion rail passengers to stay connected while they travel. Our networks have improved public safety, enhanced rail users’ experience and helped create more efficient transport services around the world.

Helping to keep passengers connected and safer is a big part of our commitment to placing our customers and communities at the heart of everything we do. With our state-of-the-art communications systems, governments and businesses can unlock new revenue streams, enhance the commuter experience, and develop truly smart cities.

Today, female representation in engineering stands at just 12% of the current workforce. We know that to see real improvement, employers have as much of a role to play in driving forward progress as policymakers and educators.
Though our partnership with WES, we aim to broaden the BAI workforce and work with other businesses to encourage more women to succeed in the sector. In addition to supporting existing job applicants, we are also looking at how we can build the sector’s talent pipeline.