Tosha Nembhard

Dr Tosha Nembhard is the aerospace Engineering Programme Director at the University of Leicester, having recently served as an Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at Coventry University. Prior to that, she worked as Head of Advanced Programmes at Collins Aerospace. She is originally from Mauritius, is married to her best friend and they have a beautiful son.

Dr Nembhard is hugely passionate about improving Diversity and Inclusivity in Engineering. She is leading the Decolonising of Engineering Curriculum at Coventry University and guiding peers to make a change in their respective teaching areas. She mentors female and BME students nationally and internationally to stay and progress in senior roles within the field of Engineering. Dr Nembhard is a member of AFBE and WES. She founded a support network called Madame Engineer to give female students a safe space to share experiences and learn from each other. She is an active STEM ambassador and a member of the Women in Aviation and Aerospace Charter; which she introduced to WES a couple of years ago.

Dr Nembhard has been in the Aerospace Industry and in Academia for almost two decades now and has lived the biases and injustices that are typical for someone with her background. She is determined to make Engineering a fairer place for future generations.