Isabel Hardwich Medal

Image removed.Isabel Hardwich Medal Winners 

The Isabel Hardwich Medal is awarded to a WES member who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the Women’s Engineering Society over a number of years and gone above and beyond the call of duty. 

Congratulations to Dawn Bonfield on being the 2020 recipient of the Isabel Hardwich Medal.  

Previous winners

2019    Petra Gratton
2018    Dr Nina Baker
2017    Milada Williams and Linda Maynard
2016    Dawn Fitt and Jackie Longworth
2015    Dr Carol Marsh and Anne Wiseman
2014    Alex Walker
2013    Grazyna Whapshott
2012    Dr Jan Peters
2010    Pam Wain and Betty McCarthy
2007    Dorothy Hatfield
2005    Connie Shirley
2004    Michael Sanderson, retired chief executive of SEMTA
2003    Sue Bird and Nicole Rockliff
[there was a temporary cessation of the award)
1992    Hilda Blount
1991    May Maple
1990    Cicely Thompson
1989    John Hardwich (Isabel’s husband)
1988    Elizabeth Laverick 
1987    Sheila Waddell