If you could offer some career advice to your younger self what would it be?

WES Member, Clemence Barrett, has shared 3 top tips from being a Project Engineering Manager at TechnipFMC, a leading installation company of subsea assets for oil & gas field, for the last 14 years:

Keep your CV short and to the point.

“As I am now more senior, I am called to review CV of our junior engineers and my experience is I prefer the CV that’s no more than two page and where I can clearly see a sense of the person based on the experiences listed.”

Understand the expectations and learn to say no

“This one I learn from working part-time. With less time on my hands, I had to work on prioritising the work and I find that by having a clear discussion with client or colleagues on what it was we are trying to achieve I can eliminate the work that is not bringing value. 

I also had to learn to say NO or ensure the deadlines where realistic based on my work pattern.”

Network is not about selling yourself is about getting contact.

“In the early years of my career, I dint do any networking. I always so it as something where I have to promote myself to others which doesn’t suit my personality at all! But it’s only recently that I have realised that networking is purely about getting to know new people and getting contacts that may help you in the future.”

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