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Isabel Hardwich Medal

Isabel Hardwich Medal

Isabel Hardwich Medal Winners 2015
The Isabel Hardwich Medal is awarded to a WES member who has made an outstanding and sustained contribution to the Women’s Engineering Society over a number of years and gone above and beyond the call of duty. In 2015 we gave the award to Carol Marsh and Anne Wiseman.

In 2014 Alex Walker was awarded the Isobel Harwich Award

Alex has made a significant contribution to WES for over 10 years as a member of council and beyond, through her general membership as a supporter for women in engineering. Her contributions have been numerous including her pragmatic and business-like approach to matters of Council procedure which have added rigour to Council business. Alex brought a business edge to Council discussions and was not afraid to challenge the views of others and ensured a robust debate that brought WES to the right outcome.

Alex was a driving force in the relocation of the WES office from the SEMTA offices to the IET in Stevenage, which included not just moving files, but sorting, archiving and physically moving the WES files and artefacts to Stevenage. As a Ford employee, Alex facilitated support for WES within Ford which gave insights to industry to help shape the WES industry strategy, during the business development phase in 2006 to 2007. She also played a key role in helping to shape the WES 90th anniversary celebrations in 2009 – developing the strategy development event – Shaping the Future.

Alex’ experience as a senior engineering manager enabled her to revise and update WES HR policies and procedures. She was also able to advise on several delicate HR matters on behalf of council. Alex was a formidable WES Honorary Secretary and brought her engineering product development skills to the fore and was strict in ensuring that Council followed due process and that members of council appreciated their crucial roles as Trustees.

At the same time Alex has managed a demanding career as a senior engineer manager and balanced this with a young family. The Society is indebted to her contribution. She is an outstanding engineer and has been a valued and trusted colleague for many in WES.

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