SSE is a UK-listed energy company with operations and investments across the UK and Ireland. Our vision is to be a leading energy provider in a low-carbon world – building a better world of energy for the future.

We take a strategic approach to creating an inclusive workforce. Our culture encourages everyone to be themselves – no matter what their background is.  And no matter what, safety is at the heart of everything we do and we live by the mantra ‘if it’s not safe, we don’t do it’.

We have a wide range of employee benefits, including “Working Differently”, which is our commitment to ensuring our people have a better work life balance. We know that offering people a more flexible way of working can help them become more engaged, productive, motivated and happier at work.  We see that as a win-win for both us and our people.

SSE’s objective is to create an inclusive environment where we can widen the talent pools available to the business, ensuring that it grows from strength to strength.

With a looming skills gap, our response is to inspire and support new talent into our sector, from the broadest possible range of sources.  At SSE, we recognise that people are more productive and innovative, and better decisions are made when a variety of perspectives and experiences can be expressed. Ultimately, a diverse and inclusive business better reflects its customers, and that should lead to better service and performance.

Our collaboration with WES, will help us to further embed inclusion within our sector, and create an inclusive culture in our organisation – one that celebrates all kinds of diversity and encourages difference.