SAE – Sam Mann, I am a Dual Fuel Engineer – SMS Plc.

I work on the installation of Gas and Electric Smart Meters to help homes become more fuel efficient and aware of their spend. I ensure all gas and electrical work is carried out safely & to industry standards.

My proudest achievement is being a mother of three and working in an engineering role. It could also be fitting a smart meter at Jimmy Kings house (off Emmerdale).

What does a typical day at work look like for you?

A typical day involves, getting a workload containing jobs on an app for each day.
Driving round in the van attending different customer houses to carry out gas/electrical work .
Some days collecting additional stock.
Refuelling the van, doing stock takes, sorting emails & doing timesheets.

What advice would you give to your 15 year old self

To get into an engineering role earlier, I didn’t get into engineering until near my 30’s and I wish I had of done it earlier.

Who or what inspired you to get into engineering?

My dad, he has always had fantastic work ethic and been a great provider for us. He has always worked manual/skilled jobs in plumbing, pipe fitting & welding. I idolise him and want the same for my children.

What are your favourite hobbies, or interests?

I love animals and wildlife and keep honeybees in my spare time. I worked in the fitness industry for 15 years before engineering, so this is still a hobby that am quite passionate about.

What are the best and worst things about the job?

Best things – seeing a diverse range of people every day from older adults, children, mainstream population, people with disabilities in supported living etc. I never know who I’m going to come across.
I love seeing people’s pets too and have seen some bizarre one’s like a Golden Eagle, giant bullfrogs + bees .
We get to see beautiful scenery driving through rural locations.
I like to see the difference you have made to someone’s wiring or pipework and know you’ve left an install safe .
Worst things -Missing out on time with my family due to working long hours at times.
Working outside in the snow is awful on your hands.
Sometimes I can come across difficult people.
Days where postcodes are quite a distance apart as the driving can be hard.