WES Young Members' Board

The WES YMB (Young Members' Board) consists of twelve women under the age of 30 who are working, training or studying in an engineering field. The board was formed in June 2016.
The aim of the YMB is to make WES more accessible to younger members, to reflect their concerns and priorities and provide input to the WES Council, allowing the voices of younger women engineers to be heard. The women making up the YMB also act as role models for young women considering engineering and applied science. The YMB enable younger WES members to influence the direction of travel of WES, with the opportunity for personal, professional and leadership development through board experience and involvement in projects and strategy setting.

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The board members are:

  1. Carmen Zaragoza, Seimens
  2. Sophie Hutchins, Leonardo (chair)
  3. Susie Little, ARUP
  4. Jo Douglas, British Sugar
  5. Holly Goodwin, Scottish Power
  6. Caroline Carslaw, SSE
  7. Annabel Downing, Network Rail
  8. Kate Mactear, University of Bristol
  9. Kirsty McDermott, National Grid
  10. Deborah Harris, Rolls Royce
  11. Laura Davies, Dyson


About the YMB

View the YMB video for an insight into the purpose of the board and some of the individual views of the members of the inaugural board in 2016

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The Board sets their own agenda of projects and activities in line with WES vision, and will be given the task of supporting the “100 for 100” campaign, part of the WES Centenary activities. As part of “100 for 100”, WES will ask one hundred companies to commit to a stretching set of actions to support diversity and inclusion in engineering during 2019, the one hundredth anniversary of WES.

At the launch of the YMB, Benita Mehra, WES President explained “We are super excited to have finally created the WES YMB. Traditionally we have encouraged younger members to join the WES Council, but we have increasingly felt that we needed a board to enable younger members the freedom to challenge the more established Council members and to grow and develop the WES agenda. As we all know, today’s YMB will be tomorrow’s WES Council. I look forward to working with the YMB!” Jo Douglas from the University of Bath who is chairing the Board worked with Board Member Yasmin Ali from Premier Oil to draft the Board aims, and took the lead in the search for the first set of recruits. Jo said: “We have a wonderful group of people on the YMB; and collectively we have a lot of ideas, and are raring to go.”

In the Autumn of 2017 the YMB ran a competition :

GIVE YOURSELF THE EDGE - a competition

In 2017 the WES Young Members Board (YMB) ran a competition to try and provide High School students with more experience to reference when they are applying for University, College, Apprenticeships or jobs and to get them thinking about engineering as a future career option.

The competition was open to all High School Year Groups and All Genders! Every applicant was given recognition for their entry which they can use as evidence of their participation.

The theme of this year’s competition was Engineering a Better World in line with the new WES poster and accompanying hand-out the task was to complete an essay on that topic with a maximum word count of 1000 words.

We received just over 80 entries of an incredibly high standard so thank you to all those who entered for taking the time and making the effort to write an essay and submit it to us.

The essays were narrowed down to a top 3 for each category (11 to 14 and 15 to 18) by the WES Young Members Board and we had a great time reading about all the ways we can Engineer a Better World from hopefully some of the engineers and scientists of the future.

We were lucky to have the final stage of the competition judged by Jane Priston, the winner of the 2016 Amy Johnson Inspiration Award, Jane said of the essays:

“I’d like to say a very big well done to all those who took the time to enter this competition. It is a very big subject for young minds and everyone’s voice and opinion is needed and valued.”

And now to the winners.... (click on name to view their essay)
Thomas Lemon (age group: 11-14)
Daniel Lehmann (age group: 15-18)

Find out more

The WES YMB worked with confused.com on a gallery showcasing the achievements of the members of WES in the auto industry.  View it here