Amanda Olabodé

I am a Management Consultant – Manufacturing & Operations at Accenture.

I help businesses to make what they make easier, faster & smoother!

Initially I was torn between being an Engineer and an Architect. The secondary school I attended was very heavy on work experience. So, in year 10 I completed a week’s work experience at an architectural firm but didn’t quite enjoy it. I then went on to complete a week in Year 11 doing a process improvement role in a warehouse and loved it! That lead me to choosing Design & Technology, Maths, Economics and Physics to study at A-Level. However, I was more interested in Mechanics as opposed to the quantum elements and therefore decided to drop it at AS-Level. Luckily, I had a mechanics module in Maths which helped me get onto a Mechanical Engineering with Design degree at Aston University.
On completion I did an Operations Graduate scheme at a power management company. It was 2 years long and I got to rotate across various areas during that period – it was great exposure and helped me to decipher what I did and did not enjoy. I then moved on to a company that made electrical motors where I took on the role as a Manufacturing Team Leader managing a team of around 14 over 4 cells.
I recently had a baby and upon completing my maternity leave, I decided it was time to do something new, having worked in factories my entire career. This led me to where I am now where I am a Consultant sitting in Manufacturing and Operations!
I’d say my proudest achievement in my career so far would be not giving up on my career! For so long I had either been one of few women, which was sometimes very difficult or thinking about leaving the STEM field after having a baby. I’m just happy to still be doing what I have always loved!


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  • What does a typical day at work look like for you?

    It varies! It can include a number of project meetings usually to discuss roadblocks, progress and next steps. Other days I also have the opportunity to run workshops on client’s site which is great! I started of working in factories so it’s always nice to go back ‘home’!

  • What advice would you give to your 15 year old self

    “‘Recognise & embrace your uniqueness’ Erin Tague
    You may have been one of few women in the room, but you’re there for a reason! Your input is valid and unique. So believe in yourself and own it!

  • Who or what inspired you to get into engineering?

    My dad! Growing up he would always involve me various activities such as helping him change the oil in his car, building our next bed and change fuses. Engineering around the house became our thing which then, professionally, became my thing!

  • What are your favourite hobbies, or interests?

    My interests include growing my own vegetables, running & traveling – 20 countries and counting! My ideal day out would be a spa day followed by an unlimited supply of cocktails!

  • What are the best and worst things about the job?

    I’m relatively new to my current job, but I’d say the best things so far are the learning opportunities and exposure to different industries!
    The worst thing would be at times, I may not be able to complete all my working during core hours.

  • Where do you see your industry in 25-50 years' time?

    Breaking barriers!

  • Have you had any career setbacks or challenges you have had to overcome?

    My hardest challenge was my job search during my maternity leave. Unfortunately, the moment I mentioned I was a new mum I didn’t hear back from certain companies again, to the extent I thought it was best I potentially leave the STEM field, no longer mention it during screening calls or include my year away on Mat Leave on my CV. I started looking at companies that were rated great for mothers within my beloved sector of STEM and finally found somewhere that allows me to be the mum I want to be and the career I know I can have!