Yasmin Ali

"What do I do?
I am a control room manager, responsible for delivering safe, reliable heat supply to over 25,000 customers and creating value from electricity generating assets. The district heating sites are scattered throughout the UK, and monitored 24/7 from a central control room in London by my team.  
I also love talking and writing about engineering. I regularly present at schools and events, and write whenever I get the chance.  

How did I get here?
When I was 17 I had no idea what I wanted to do when I finished school, until I got a leaflet in the post from Whynotchemeng. I looked into Chemical Engineering and realised studying this would give me a huge choice of jobs to choose from; from manufacturing cosmetics to doing research and development for a chocolate company, so I went for it.
During my four year degree at Nottingham University, I had the opportunity to spend a year in Malaysia. This gave me the chance to live in a new and exciting place and travel around South East Asia without taking any time out from my studies; choosing engineering is the reason I got to do this.Image removed.
After graduating in 2010, I joined E.ON's Engineering and Leadership graduate scheme and since then I have worked in coal and gas fired power stations in the UK, international business expansion in Istanbul, Turkey, oil and gas exploration and production in the North Sea, and finally in the district heating control room!

Why do I do it?
My life is full of variety because of engineering; I have worked on a boat in the middle of the choppy North Sea, flown in a helicopter to a site in the scorching desert in Algeria, and even met the Queen in Buckingham Palace!  
I work with lots of people in different locations and we collaborate to solve problems and contribute to the security of the energy supply in the UK, powering lights, computers, transport systems, hospital equipment… the list is endless. My life is exciting and I feel like I am adding something important to society which is why I highly recommend a career in engineering."

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