Julia Yeomans

In 1976, Professor Yeomans was awarded a B.A. degree in Physics with First Class honours from Oxford University. She gained her D. Phil. at Oxford, spent two years as a post-doc at Cornell University in the U.S.A. and then held a Lectureship at the University of Southampton before moving to Oxford where she runs a research group in theoretical soft matter and biophysics.
Julia has presented lectures at many major international conferences. The subjects she has covered include: wetting and droplet bouncing, active matter, liquid crystal hydrodynamics and liquids at structured surfaces.

Julia is regularly consulted an International Expert in her field most recently as Chair, International Scientific Advisory Committee, SISSA and Rapporteur of a Max Plank Research Fields Evaluation.

Julia's outreach work includes exhibiting ‘Nature’s Raincoats’ at the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition, at Techfest, Mumbai and at the Oxfordshire and Cheltenham Science Festivals. She regularly gives public lectures to branches of the Institute of Physics, scientific societies and schools. She has been a member of the Judging Panel of the IoP Women in Physics Group Very Early Career Award and a SET for Britain Judge and led the UK delegation to the 2nd IUPAP Women in Physics Conference. She is a member of the Advisory Panel of the Institute of Physics Women in Physics Group.