Partner Type: Start Up

Archangel Lightworks

Archangel Lightworks is building deployable laser communication systems for the high-volume, secure, space-enabled networks of the future. Today, space and terrestrial networks are not well-connected leading to insecure, insufficient, and vulnerable infrastructure. Nearly 3 billion people are unconnected and many more are under-connected. We are driving down the size, weight, power & cost (SWaP-C) of


AXIAH is a micro-enterprise offering a broad range of engineering & technical management services, primarily within the Defence and Security domains, with a focus on Integrated Technologies and crossing cutting capabilities. Our goal is to responsibly deliver effective and efficient solutions for the continued benefit of our customers and communities. Supported by our five key

Carbon Neutral Fuels

Carbon Neutral Fuels is designing fully integrated, modular ‘Power-to-liquid’ e-fuel production units for airports to enable easy, on-site sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) synthesis using recycled atmospheric carbon dioxide, clean hydrogen and low-carbon energy. We are a growing business which holds equality and equity as our core principles and are proud to champion female engineers throughout

Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is a social enterprise working with individuals during maternity leave, shared parental leave, and beyond to progress in their careers whilst enjoying their young families. Too often, parents feel they have to choose between being a good parent and a fulfilling leadership career. We exist to change this.   Our award-winning Leaders Plus