'World Engineering Day' announced to be held on 4 March each year

World Federation of Engineering Organisations

Announcement on World Engineering Day

Dear Members,

We are delighted to inform you that at 12.30 pm on 16 April 2019, the UNESCO PX Commission, which is a part of the UNESCO Executive Board, voted unanimously to recommend the declaration of 4th March each year, the founding day of WFEO, as World Engineering Day. The UNESCO Executive Board then adopted a draft decision on 17 April in plenary session, with a recommendation that the General Conference in November 2019 “decide to proclaim 4 March of every year world engineering day for sustainable development.

The proposal was led by Namibia and China and supported by more than 40 nations, including Nigeria, UK and France. Our sincere thanks to all delegations that supported this crucial step in the approval process for a historic decision for engineering. Thanks also to the some 80 institutions including members of WFEO that provided letters of support. After an adjournment of the UNESCO meeting on 11 April at midnight, which was attended by WFEO President Dr. Marlene Kanga, a further session was held on 16 April 2019. WFEO Executive Director Jacques de Méreuil read out a speech, prepared by WFEO President Dr. Marlene Kanga, which is also below:

“Madam Chair, thank you for the opportunity to speak about the importance of World Engineering Day. I am the President of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations that originally developed this proposal and is committed to facilitating its success around the world.

The Federation is the peak body for engineering with members from 100 nations comprising the professional engineering institutions of the world representing more than 30 million engineers. Our members are committed to supporting the Day annually. More than 80 institutions representing some 24 million engineers have provided letters of support.

Currently there is no day that celebrates engineering. This Day is an opportunity to engage with society - young people, especially girls, on the importance of engineering. Engineers are critical to advance the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. We commend this decision that will enable focus on how engineering can create a better world.”

More information on the World Engineering Day webpage