Phenomenal women - vote for your pioneering engineer

General Susan Ridge

Nominate a woman engineer you would like to see celebrated in this exciting art exhibition.

Traditionally the art world, like most professions, has been dominated by men often viewing the 'female' as his passive object rather than an active being.  This unique exhibition aims to shine a light on the work of our phenomenal female sitters through the eyes of female artists for a change.   This is your chance to nominate an engineer who you would like to see celebrated in the exhibition.  The Phenomenal Women Project is a grass roots funded art exhibition celebrating the talents, accomplishments and success of extraordinary British Women though contemporary portraiture.  Previous sitters include Gen. Susan Ridge and Hollie McNish.

The Women's Engineering Society sitter will be a breaker of glass ceilings, professional and ethical, showing exceptional talent and tenacity, she is a woman to aspire to be like, she makes a point to raise up the women around her through mentoring or supporting talented colleagues in her professional practice.  If any of the possible sitters have engineered environments/constructions that benefit women specifically or directly improve lives that would be excellent.

How to nominate: email Cath Heslop at the name and email address of the woman engineer you are nominating.  Include a paragraph (300 words) explaining why.  A shortlist will then be drawn up, with the final decision made by a representative of the Phenomenal Women Project and the WES CEO.  Closing date: Monday 8 April 2019