NMITE opens for business and launches search for 50 future engineers – no experience necessary

  • Pioneer Cohort of 50 learners will join in March 2021 with first year fully funded by partners  
  • Accelerated Master’s degree in Integrated Engineering designed to prepare graduates with high quality, work-ready skills in just three years  
  • Institution believes that challenges facing the world do not fall into traditional mechanical, electrical or material engineering boxes  
  • Traditional A level qualifications in Maths and Physics not required: students will learn these subjects as part of the course   
  • Long term goal to be educating more than 5,000 engineering students   

December 2020 - NMITE (New Model Institute for Technology and Engineering) announces that it is open for business and is inviting applications to fill 50 places in its Pioneer Cohort who will be the first graduates of NMITE’s Master’s Degree in Integrated Engineering in just over three years' time. Successful applicants will have their academic fees and accommodation costs covered in full for their first year thanks to a host of Pioneer Funders who, with other partners, have together provided a valuable contribution and investment in NMITE’s future success. The news comes as the institution has received validation by The Open University (OU) which enables it to start student recruitment.   

Commenting on the news, Minister of State for Universities, Michelle Donelan, MP, said: “This government is committed to providing graduates with opportunities to develop their skillsets and embark on successful careers, and I congratulate NMITE in launching an innovative model of high-level engineering education. This programme will not only provide valuable experience for graduates, but will help to boost growth in engineering, drive innovation and build the vital skills this country needs.”  

NMITE exists to address the UK’s shortage of work-ready graduate engineers and will focus on an integrated engineering programme to train and nurture learners ready to tackle global challenges - such as sustainable food production, access to safe water, and clean energy - which do not fall neatly into traditional mechanical, electrical or materials engineering boxes.  NMITE believes that engineering is an exciting and varied career path, its students will learn what an engineer does and how she or he can make life better and plans to develop graduates who will make a positive impact on quality of life, the environment and industry.  

To attract students from a variety of backgrounds and at differing life stages, NMITE will consider every application individually and irrespective of the path they have travelled to get where they are today. Engineers-in-training will experience NMITE’s “learning by doing” with regular real-life projects and no lectures or traditional exams and unlike other engineering institutions they will not be required to have a Maths or Physics A-level as these subjects will be taught within the curriculum.  NMITE explains that they are looking for entrepreneurial and socially-minded individuals who want to change the world for the better. As part of the admissions process, NMITE will be evaluating a person’s attitude, mindset and passion for engineering alongside their qualifications.  

Professor Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, President & Chief Executive of NMITE comments on the news: “We are delighted to announce that NMITE is now open and ready to recruit its Pioneer Cohort of learners. Thank you to everyone who has played a part in getting us to today including those who had the inspirational vision and tenacity to push forwards, all my colleagues, funders and industry partners who have shared this vision and supported us.  Our attention now turns to the exciting task of inviting applications and meeting prospective learners.  What 2020 has shown more than ever is that we need more work-ready engineers, and we are delighted that NMITE will be playing a role in educating engineers equipped to tackle global challenges.”   

NMITE Chairman Dame Fiona Kendrick said: “On behalf of the NMITE Board of Trustees, I am delighted to celebrate this news.  Like many of the Trustees, I have been involved with NMITE for many years and it is therefore especially exciting to see how the original, innovative vision we had for NMITE and for Herefordshire has come to fruition.  This vision is even more relevant today than ever before as the need for work-ready engineers to help drive UK productivity is obvious to us all.  It is truly remarkable what has been built from a small gem of an idea to the NMITE that opens its doors to applications today.  It has been an extraordinary journey so far and we look forward to 2021 and beyond with huge enthusiasm and optimism.”   

Professor Josie Fraser, Deputy Vice Chancellor, The Open University, the UK’s largest academic institution and a world leader in flexible distance learning, said: “The Open University (OU) is delighted to join forces with NMITE to help educate the engineers of the future with this new and innovative pathway. The OU, through the invaluable work of its Validation Partnerships team, collaborates with over 40 partners in the UK and abroad, and validates nearly 400 programmes across a number of different levels and subject areas. With nearly 7000 awards conferred in 2019/20 alone, we believe that this new partnership is a positive move to further broaden our scope into a much-needed area.”  

The Rt Hon Jesse Norman MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire who originally conceived the idea of a new, higher education offering in Hereford, said “I am thrilled that NMITE is about to open its doors for the first time, and I congratulate Elena, her team and everyone who has joined us along the way to make this possible. This is a transformative moment for our county and for our city.  Eight hundred years ago Hereford was one of the great centres in Europe for mathematics and astronomy, and 800 years later we are opening NMITE to specialise in technology and engineering. But NMITE has huge implications not only for Herefordshire, but for the Marches and for the UK itself, as a new model of regeneration and development. What a fantastic future we have in front of us:  a future of prosperity for everyone, a future for our young people, a future which lifts the county socially, culturally and economically.”  

Mandy Thorn, chair of the Marches Local Enterprise Partnership which has provided £10 million funding for NMITE to date, said she was delighted with the news of its validation. “This is really wonderful news and a major step forward for what is a hugely important and innovative project.  NMITE will play a vital role in developing the skills the Marches region needs to thrive in the post-Covid world and play a transformative role in shaping our economy for many years to come. Its role in providing high-level engineering and technology skills will help create the high-value jobs which will drive prosperity across the whole of Herefordshire, Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin, and act as a beacon to attract still further investment in the region.  I can think of no better ambition than to provide our youngsters with the very best education and training we can in this fast-changing world and am delighted that NMITE has been recognised for the truly pioneering work it is doing in our region.”  

 Cllr David Hitchiner, Leader of Herefordshire Council said: “I am delighted to hear this news from NMITE. This is great news for NMITE, for Herefordshire Council and the people of Herefordshire.  A huge thank you to all those who have been involved over the past ten years enabling so much to be achieved and reaching this stage.  I look forward to joining NMITE in welcoming the first cohort of students who will join in early 2021, and the thousands who will follow.”  

Karen Usher, Founding Trustee and one of the original team who pushed ahead with the idea “It’s fantastic to see NMITE preparing to open its doors. The new generation of engineers who will pass through those doors will be creative, challenge ready, problem solvers and the sky will not be their limit."  

NMITE has today also released more information about its buildings and interiors to match its new pedagogical model, provided detail on its MEng in Integrated Engineering and confirmed some of its industry partners and funders including the Pioneer Fund which will cover the Pioneer Cohort’s academic and accommodation fees in full for the first year of study.  



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Further messages of support and congratulations have also been received from individuals who were close advisors and supporters and who played pivotal roles in the creation of the NMITE distinctive approach:  


Richard Miller, President Emeritus and current Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Olin College of Engineering was first introduced to Karen Usher by Nigel Thrift, then Vice Chancellor of Warwick University.  In the months and years that followed, a number of Olin faculty members visited Hereford, and the Hereford team visited Olin on several occasions to learn from and prepare for the launch of NMITE. “I believe that NMITE is a very important new institution in the UK, one that can take a fresh look at the role of higher education and the methodologies for teaching and learning in the STEM field and develop a model or prototype that others can follow.  The quality of the people at NMITE is exceptional, and the early indications are excellent that NMITE will, indeed, evolve a very different and potentially game-changing approach to STEM education at a time when it is very important to do so.  In this COVID world, we need innovative new approaches to science and technology that are capable of producing innovators who envision what has never been, and then do whatever it takes to make a better world.”  


Sir John Hood, former Vice-Chancellor, the University of Oxford: "I congratulate the founders and leadership of NMITE on the granting of the institution's formal validation and accreditation.  At this time, when the country has a distinct shortage of engineering and technology skills, NMITE presents a visionary addition to the institutional milieu.  Creatively engaging a wide spectrum of industry and business representatives alongside the academic staff in the education and training of the students has been designed to produce highly skilled and attractively qualified graduates fit for the nation's future workforce. I wish the institution, along with its wider communities of interest, every success as it develops and matures."  


Sir Nigel Thrift, Chair of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management: “NMITE is one of the only truly innovative institutions in the British higher education sector. Validation is the next step on the road to success. Many people have put their backs into achieving this really important milestone, one that shows yet again that NMITE not only leads the way but leads it with style! Many congratulations! Onwards and upwards.”  



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Notes to editors:     




NMITE’s vision is to deliver a different model of engineering higher education developing work-ready, talented engineers.  It aims to recruit a diverse cohort, including learners who may not have considered engineering as a career.  These learners won’t be studying engineering, instead they’ll be learning how to become engineers.  NMITE’s curriculum brings the engineering disciplines together and integrates the liberal arts and the interpersonal skills needed by today’s employers to tackle the world’s problems.  

NMITE is supported by engineering businesses, the Herefordshire community, Herefordshire Council, Olin College of Engineering (USA), professional engineering bodies and the UK Government, which awarded up to £23million in initial funding.   £8million of this funding was awarded by the Marches LEP via its Growth Deal with Government with details provided in two separate announcements in October and November 2019 regarding our redesigned city centre location, Blackfriars, and the building of three new campus Centres on Hereford’s Enterprise Zone, Skylon Park. A further £400k was awarded (March 2020) to enhance an additional building on the Blackfriars site and, in August 2020, £1.6m to accelerate the delivery of the Centre for Automated Manufacture (Skylon Park) in response to the Government’s call for projects that can be brought forward to stimulate the economy.  

NMITE was inaugurated on 19 October 2018, was listed in the register of English higher education providers by the Office for Students (OfS) in August 2020 and in November 2020 received validation by The Open University, the UK’s largest academic institution and a world leader in flexible distance learning, which means that NMITE can undertake recruitment of its Pioneer Cohort. The long term goal is to be educating 5,000 students.