System Engineering Manager

Employer: Thales UK
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Primary Purpose of Role

  • The role will lead and/or provide guidance to the project/programme engineering team with particular reference to deploying a systems approach to the required engineering activities, the developments of efficient ways of working, individual and team development.

  • In addition to potentially leading project engineering activity, the role shall also potential support bids and therefore must be able to balance the demands of SE excellence with strong practical engineering delivery ability.

  • Mobility and location flexibility are desirable.

Key responsibilities & Accountabilities

  • Responsibilities include working collaboratively within and across various teams, often in a matrixed and multi-stakeholder environment.

  • Responsible for defining and managing the solution engineering activities at various levels of projects including identifying the people and skills needed to ensure delivery and for driving delivery through appropriate governance.

  • Responsible for the specification and execution of SE management and control processes including:

    • Configuration and Data Management,

    • Risk Management,

    • Quality Management,

    • Technical Performance Measures etc,

  • Responsible for Production and maintenance of management plans such as Systems Engineering Management Plan (SEMP), Through Life Management Plans (TLMP) etc.

  • May be responsible for developing and maintaining customer/stakeholder relations both inside and outside of the organization and will be required to actively seek information to understand customer/stakeholder circumstances, problems, expectations and needs.

  • Must be able to define the system development cycle and define the process, practices and tools (PP&T) applicable to the product based on project specific constraints (eg tools imposed by the Customer).

  • Will be required to ensure global consistency of the engineering process, practices and tools, organise the co-engineering and potentially approve lower level solution elements’ or components’

Leadership Skills

  • Ability to engage and influence a diverse set of stakeholders

  • Ability to work in multi-stakeholder environment to create clear and achievable goals.

  • Excellent communication skills and interpersonal skills – encourages an open environment where information and ideas are shared and innovative thinking is stimulated.  Will be adept at effectively building stakeholder relationships and working collaboratively with customer, supplier and internal teams.

Knowledge and skills required

  • Team player with a sharp intellect, challenging approach and a “can do attitude”.

  • Understanding of systems engineering life cycle, practices and tools

  • Experience of multi-stakeholder change management activities

  • Experience of delivering the engineering content of system level programmes in land, sea and/or air domains

  • An understanding of the use of requirements management Experience in execution of SE lifecycle processes, including:

    • Requirements Elicitation

    • System Specification

    • Interface Specification

    • Test Specification

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