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Are you looking to return to Software/IT indusrty after a career break? We have opportunities available throughout the UK including positions for Software Developers and Software Engineers.

STEM Returners provide STEM Professionals with a supported route back into the career they worked hard to build. 

The STEM Returners programmes have been designed to support people who have had a career break or are trying to transfer their skills in to a new sector or one they used to work in. We know that any gap in work experience or a move away from a sector or skill set makes it very hard to return or join through standard recruitment channels.

The roles in this programme tend to run on a 12 week work placement with a view to securing a permanent role at the end of that period.

As a candidate working with STEM Returners you have access to free CV writing and Interview coaching and if you are successful in securing the role you'll get access to a 12 month coaching or mentoring programme to help you thrive in the role.

To view and apply for current opportunities, please visit Returner Placements - STEM Returners