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12 week Returner programme with permanent opportunity
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Professionals across all sectors may choose to take a career break for a variety of reasons. However, when they wish to return to work, they may struggle to restart the career they worked so hard to build, as a ‘CV gap’ can be seen as a deterioration of skills and experience. The STEM Returners programme aims to help professionals reconnect with the STEM working world. The programme looks to assist men and women who have taken a career break of one year or more. A shortlist of four to six candidates will be invited to complete the Open University Returning to STEM course, and be provided upfront coaching sessions to ensure they are prepared to return to the workplace.

Following this, the candidates will begin a twelve-week paid internship programme at AEUK in February 2019, structured to include relevant on-the-job training opportunities and additional bespoke training where required. For more information on the STEM Returners programme, visit:

We are particularly keen to receive applications from candidates with the following backgrounds:

  • Electrical Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Software Engineers
  • Electronics Engineers
  • Physics
  • Mathematics

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