Senior Controls Engineer

Employer: Equinix
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Slough, Manchester
Job term
Permanent, full time
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Senior Controls Engineer

Equinix is one of the fastest growing data center companies, growing connectivity between clients worldwide. That’s why we're always looking for creative and forward thinking people who can help us achieve our goal of global interconnection. With 200 data centers in over 24 countries spanning across 5 continents, we are home to the Cloud, supporting over 1000 Cloud and IT services companies that are directly engaged in technological innovation and development. We are passionate about further evolving the specific areas of software development, software and network architecture, network operations and complex cloud and application solutions. 


At Equinix, we make the internet work faster, better, and more reliably. We hire talented people who thrive on solving hard problems and give them opportunities to hone new skills, try new approaches, and grow in new directions. Our culture is at the heart of our success and it’s our authentic, humble, gritty people who create The Magic of Equinix. We share a real passion for winning and put the customer at the center of everything we do. 


This position may be located in at any of our EMEA IBX (data center) locations.


Job Description

Effectively interact with and coordinate the efforts of inter-departmental team members, including the in-house corporate operations engineering personnel, the operations engineering staff at all IBX sites, information technology, information security, networking, marketing, outside support vendors and consultants.  Effectively communicate with customers where necessary.


  • Develop and update design standards for IBX controls systems.
  • Review controls design documents for IBX construction.
  • Review controls submittal documents for IBX construction.
  • Mentor junior engineers.
  • Lead small to medium scale projects.
  • Assist in managing the commissioning process, including test procedures, schedule, coordination and teaming with on-site IBX Ops Engineering personnel. Effectively communicate with major commissioning stakeholders. 
  • Lead internal engineering training and seminars.
  • Provide logic and graphical programming for controls systems. Maintain Equinix control program libraries.  Maintain Eqinix standard graphic object libraries.
  • Troubleshoot all elements of the controls system, including field devices, controllers, network components and software systems.
  • Ensure "as-built" controls documentation is accurate and maintained.
  • Assist on-site IBX engineering personnel in working with local controls vendors.
  • Investigates incidents and provide root cause analysis.
  • Review existing controls systems for single points of failure and provide suggestions for remediation.
  • Use data analysis including machine learning to optimize systems, increase energy efficiency and lower power usage.
  • Assist with development, implementation and troubleshooting of IBX SmartView, Equinix's Data Center Infrastructure Management system (DCIM).
  • Utilize safe working practices at an expert level.  Evaluate and assure the safe working practices of others.  Review and recommend work practice guidelines and policy.
  • Travel, including overseas and other assignments as required.
  • Respond to emergency incidents on an as-needed basis.


Required Skills & Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering preferred.
  • Proven professional experience in control system design, operations, maintenance, and project planning.  Emphasis & special focus on controls.
  • Experience with one or more brands of control systems including: ABB, Siemens, Automated Logic Corporation (ALC), Johnson Controls, Rockwell Controllogix and FactoryTalk, Johnson Controls Metasys, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Delta Controls, Delta-V, OSIsoft Pi, Quantum, Andover or Aveva (Wonderware).
  • Experience with data collection and conversion software such as Kepware, Matricon, TopView, OSISoft Pi or equivalent.
  • Must be conversant with direct digital control (DDC) systems, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), and Distributed Control Systems (DCS) debugging and programming.
  • Able to understand and implement control strategies and architecture using Sequence of Operation and P&ID drawings, SAMA diagrams or equivalent.
  •  Must be able to understand control schemes for troubleshooting and optimizing operations.
  • Personnel shall be able to travel and will be on-call.
  • Must be able to use Microsoft Excel, Bluebeam, and Visio effectively.
  • Familiar with building codes and safety standards including UMC, NFPA, NEC.
  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to compose technical and position papers for publication internal and external to the company.

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