Mechatronics Engineer

Employer: Blue Ocean Seismic Services
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You are a curious, self-motivated, and hands-on engineer who is energised by complex problems and the opportunity to innovate. You are comfortable engaging with problems which are not fully defined and take the initiative to build knowledge and define your own problem space. You display good time-management and self-discipline such that you meet deadlines unsupervised and you possess strong communication skills to enable you to co-ordinate well  You will have experience in bringing designs to fruition and supporting their simulation, manufacture, testing and installation.


  • Approach design tasks and perform all work with adherence to and participation in company and industry safety policies.
  • Ensure systems are designed to comply with relevant safety and environmental codes.
  • Conduct technical and safety risk assessments, ensuring systems are reliable and safe.
  • Conduct stakeholder interviews to elicit and maintain requirement specifications.
  • Prepare and maintain technical documentation in accordance with company policy.
  • Conceptualise, design, develop/manufacture, test and commission industrial automation systems.
  • Specify and source sensors, actuators, and other electo-mechanical hardware.
  • Assist in the preparation of, and participate in, design reviews.
  • Domestic and international travel to support manufacturing and testing activities.
  • Seek out new development opportunities and maintain relationships with key vendors.

Essential experience:

  • Tertiary or trade qualification
  • Proven design experience with industrial automation or other electro-mechanical projects.
  • Demonstrated experience designing and simulating kinematic/robotic assemblies and their actuators, or industrial equipment mechanisation and/or automation.
  • Demonstrated experience with control system design and implementation, industrial control and instrumentation (eg. PLCs) and/or SCADA systems.
  • Excellent computer and communication skills (both written and verbal).
  • Familiarity with modern (online/cloud) work collaboration platforms and methods (Sharepoint, Microsoft Teams)

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