Intern - Graduate (Manufacturing)

Employer: Ball Corporation
Job location
Milton Keynes
Job closing date

Future Trainee Manager Opportunity:

The Ball Corporation Future Leaders Trainee Programme is a stepping-stone for people with management potential to become the leaders of the future in an ambitious international company. We aim to develop Future Leaders, top diverse talent to support the growth needs of the business. The program offers access to accelerate development on the job and through other channels during an 18-month program which will include assignments across a wide range of manufacturing departments and divisions including: Production, Technical /Maintenance, EHS, Quality, Human Resources, Continuous Improvement (CI/Lean), Finance, Customer Fulfilment, Sustainability

Learning on the job with experts, developing technical and soft skills and receiving coaching from your Mentors & Project Co-ordinators, and other senior staff mentors.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities:

  • Assisting with day-to-day operations in a high-speed continuous manufacturing plant
  • Participating in meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities
  • Gaining knowledge of company policies, protocols, and processes
  • Developing familiarisation of machine operation, machine maintenance, and quality checks
  • Analysing plant performance data to instigate and assist with small, medium, and long term continuous improvement projects
  • Assisting the quality team with internal traceability audits, process performance capability studies and external audit preparation
  • Lead the daily morning meeting handover, ensuring the production, quality and engineering priorities are aligned for the day
  • Translating production trends and losses into tangible priorities to focus attention and resources on the biggest efficiency losses
  • Traveling to different offices and participating in leadership training courses
  • Champion Balls’ culture

Who is this programme for?

Graduates and School Leavers - graduates with a degree in Engineering / Manufacturing / Business or School leavers with experience in those areas

Skilled Tradespeople - trade/craft qualified professionals


Level and type of experience:

Minimum of 1-2 years manufacturing in a practical or academic setting and a clear level of understanding of what is required to work in a manufacturing environment

Formal/informal leadership background is not required.

To apply, please submit your details HERE.