Inspector of Air Accidents (Recorded Data)

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£74,485 - £81,933
After 2 years and subject to satisfactory progression, you will be awarded a non-pensionable allowance of £4,000 per annum and become a Senior Inspector.
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Are you passionate about aircraft accident investigation?

Are you looking for a high profile role at the leading edge of aviation safety?

If so, this is a unique opportunity to join the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) as an Inspector of Air Accidents (Recorded Data), and we’d love to hear from you.

The Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) is part of the Department for Transport (DfT). The AAIB’s purpose is to improve aviation safety by determining the circumstances and causes of aircraft accidents and serious incidents and promoting safety action to prevent re-occurrence. We investigate accidents and serious incidents to civil aircraft in the UK (including UK Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies) and overseas where there is a UK interest.

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Job description

This is an important role at the leading edge of aviation safety. You will be instrumental in determining the circumstances in which civil aircraft accidents and serious incidents take place worldwide, identifying factors which influenced the outcome and highlighting areas where change would improve safety.

Working as part of an investigation team, Inspectors of Air Accidents (Recorded Data) manage the investigation of all recorded data aspects of an aircraft accident or serious incident including the initial ‘on site’ search and retrieval of recorded data equipment, recovery and replay of recorded data, extraction and analysis of data from a variety of sources and assessing aircraft performance, culminating in the drafting of Safety Recommendations and reports.

The role involves liaison with technical personnel from aircraft manufacturers, operators, maintainers, and regulators for both the investigation and future development in recorded data capabilities.


As part of a multidisciplinary team, you will deploy within the UK and worldwide at short notice to gather recorded data evidence relevant to the operation of aircraft involved in accidents or serious incidents. You will be responsible for all recorded data aspects of an investigation, from the initial ‘on site’ examination phase to the detailed forensic examination of evidence culminating in the production of detailed reports and Safety Recommendations. This will include the recovery and analysis of information recorded on damaged or undamaged flight recorders and other avionic systems, as well as externally recorded data from radar, surveillance video and witnesses’ devices. You will also lead the search for recorders following accidents to aircraft that have become submerged in the sea, by using state of the art underwater location equipment.

You will debrief the Chief Inspector of Air Accidents on your return from field investigations and give technical evidence in Coroner’s Courts and other legal proceedings.

You will provide assistance and expertise to the international air accident investigation community to improve aviation safety globally, including support to foreign safety investigation authorities and the UK’s Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies.

About you

You must be able to apply your professional and technical knowledge to aircraft accident investigation, show integrity and tact, be reliable under pressure and accept responsibility. Drive, determination and sound judgement are necessary.  You will be highly motivated, inquisitive and able to work under pressure, and you must be comfortable working in a team or independently.

You should have a broad technical and analytical capability across a range of aircraft avionic system architectures and knowledge of how aircraft operate.  You will have excellent verbal and written communication skills, capable of producing accurate and clear written reports and have good presentation skills. You will be highly computer literate which may include some programming experience.

Key to success in this role is your ability to work with stakeholders, both inside and outside the AAIB team, to establish mutual respect and trust, and to subsequently communicate thoughts, ideas and decisions in a clear and concise manner.

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Closing date: 27 August 2021.