Imperial College Advanced Hackspace Fellow

Employer: Imperial College London
Job location
White City
Job salary
£36,926 – £45,547
Job term
Full time, permanent
Job closing date

We are looking to recruit a passionate addition to our team of Hackspace Fellows who will play a crucial role in the operation of our electronics and digital manufacturing labs and workshop spaces. Imperial College Advanced Hackspace (ICAH) aims to connect innovators and inventors with the tools and expertise they need to realise their creative ideas. Since its creation in 2014, it has offered a unique environment for students and staff to engage in community-linked prototyping and disruptive technology development and now constitutes one of the largest prototyping networks in the world. This is a unique venture, unprecedented both in terms of scale and ambition within a university environment, and includes a bio-wet lab, woodwork/metalwork/electronics workshops, a digital manufacturing studio and a design studio.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Assisting in the safe operation of hackspace electronics and digital manufacturing labs and workshop spaces and maintenance and upkeep of a safe and risk-free environment, undertaking any safety training/certification as required.
  • Nurturing our community of members in developing and testing their ideas for new technologies coming from industry and academia, with a bias towards developing and comparing deskilled technologies. In particular supporting electronics and mechatronics development, including firmware, PCB layout, Schematic capture, Arduino/Raspberry Pi rapid prototyping, 3D printing and laser cutting.
  • Developing short project-based course materials for undergraduates and postgraduates and then delivering that teaching.
  • Development of new community building programmes and support at events (including Hackathons) and workshops as may be required.
  • Liaise with and support needs of industrial ICAH partners and develop contacts and research opportunities within the College and the wider community.

This is an evolving role and one that one that would suit a committed individual who is keen to be at the forefront of networked science and community-linked research ventures.

Essential requirements

You will have:

  • Experience of electronics testing, PCB assembly and re-work, mechatronics, firmware development, rapid electronics prototyping (Raspberry Pi, Arduino), preferably within a teaching or hackspace environment.
  • Ability to work closely, proactively and flexibly with staff and students to deliver research and training outcomes, offering advice and guidance and to nurture and support our community of innovators and experience of contributing innovative ideas to solve technical problems.
  • Substantial experience of organizing and participating in hackathons with the ability to prioritise and organise activities such as training workshops, hackathons and ideation events.
  • Experience in working within, developing and maintaining strict health and safety frameworks and a strong understanding of Workplace Health and Safety regulations and procedures.
  • Interest in connecting innovators and inventors with the tools and expertise they need to realise their ideas; supporting entrepreneurial ventures; and turning creative concept and ideas into working prototypes.

This role would ideally suit someone with an interest in multidisciplinary research and disruptive technology development, turning creative concept and ideas into working prototypes and supporting entrepreneurial venture.

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