Engineering Placement Programme 2020

Employer: Toyota Manufacturing UK Ltd
Job location
Burnaston - Derbyshire and Deeside - North Wales
Job salary
Job term
11 month placement
Job closing date

We know that your placement is a huge platform for your future, so we take our responsibilities very seriously. Whether you join us in Engineering, Business Operations Management (Logistics), HR or Finance we'll make sure that you maximise your time with us. You'll be involved with live projects from the start and be given the opportunity to make a real impact within the company, working alongside experienced people who'll go out of their way to make sure that you're always learning.

Engineering at Toyota isn't about nuts and bolts. It's much more about having imagination plus the dedication to keep developing the best processes and products. We encourage our engineers to look at things from every angle to find better ways of working. That's always been the Toyota Way - as our founder Sakichi Toyoda put it: "Inspiration comes from many places. We need to have our eyes, our minds and our hearts open to things we interact with every day, so open your window to the world." You can see that commitment reflected in cars like the Corolla Hybrid. It's what makes Toyota a great place for inquisitive engineers to sharpen their skills.

Your time here

Our engineers make sure we can react quickly to breakdowns. They plan and implement new equipment. They're also pivotal in bringing the famous Toyota Production System to life - whether refining a process from a technical perspective or assessing the environmental impact of a production change. We assign Industrial Placement students to a specific area of our business - either manufacturing or facilities & environment - but we'll train you to be a multi-skilled professional. Ultimately we want engineers who are versatile enough to work across the whole plant and beyond.

Development is everything at Toyota. It's an intrinsic part of the way we work - the unique management philosophy that's made us an automotive leader.
At its heart is the Japanese concept of kaizen - a belief that no process can ever be declared perfect; that there's always a better way. You can see it in our world-leading processes, our innovative products and, of course, in the way we develop our people.

Previous IP Projects Include:
- Researching a new solvent to stop production problems with a certain rubber hose - it's still in use today!
- Analysing the elements in our engine production line to help improve TAKT - i.e. The rate at which engines come of the production line
- Reducing plastics shop compressed air usage by 10%

Previous IP students say it's an invaluable experience; it clarifies what you want from a career and helps you in your vital final-year. Impress us and you could be invited back to join our full graduate training programme.

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