Electronic Engineer

Employer: Blue Ocean Seismic Services
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Boss background:

BOSS is an innovative tech start up with strong support from significant industry partnerships. Our vision is to disrupt the Marine Seismic industry through the development of a large-scale autonomous ocean bottom seismic data acquisition system, resulting in a step change reduction in the cost, time and HSSE risks required to acquire high quality OBS data. We help our clients to reduce their carbon emissions and their carbon footprint.
BOSS is developing a revolutionary, integrated seismic acquisition system based around long endurance, self-repositioning robotic ocean bottom nodes.
These nodes are capable of multiple autonomous re-positions to allow rolling of the receiver array without having to recover and redeploy nodes. This, in combination with automated handling systems, rapid deployment/recovery and intelligent system control, allows for optimisation of seismic acquisition survey operations to minimise duration and cost, and removes the requirement for ROV support.

About you:

You are a curious, self-motivated, and hands-on engineer who is energised by complex problems and the opportunity to innovate. You display good time-management and self-discipline such that you meet deadlines unsupervised and you possess strong communication skills to enable you to co-ordinate well. You will have experience in bringing designs to fruition and supporting their simulation, manufacture, testing and installation.


  • You will be required to execute complex electronic design projects.
  • Evaluate electronic components including sensors, electronic submodules from vendors with a focus on PCB design, microcontrollers, data conversion chips, passive components, semiconductors.
  • Evaluate and implement best PCB design practices, industry standards and wiring practices.
  • Confirm systems design by designing testing and validation routines.
  • Preparing product reports and recommendations on components to management for selection.
  • Develop lists of electrical components based on client requirements for testing and evaluation.
  • Evaluate and implement DC power control electronics with position feedback, communications electronics, data storage electronics.
  • Assist program team in developing, testing, debugging and programming firmware.
  • Aid safety officer in compliance with applicable electrical laws and safety best practices.
  • Test and performance evaluation of the timing system.

Required experience:

  • Have a proactive attitude and a professional approach to enable working independently with confidence
  • Be a productive team member with excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Have a proven history of electronic circuit board design (including part selection, circuit design and simulation and PCB layout) Ability to coordinate with 3rd Party electrical design engineering firms to deliver PCB products.
  • Ability to design and perform testing of components for reliability and functionality.
  • Display in depth knowledge of microprocessors
  • Firmware development experience in C or C++
  • Excellent applied physics and mathematics skill related to electronic design
  • Degree in Electronics Engineering, Physics or equivalent

Desirable experience:

  • Experience in the design of autonomous systems
  • Design and/or evaluation of battery management systems for Lithium Ion batteries
  • Design/evaluation of digitizers (24 & 32bit ADC) DC motor sizing and selection experience.
  • Experience in CAD software related to PCB experience.
  • Experience with us level time synchronization (GPS, PTP)