Business Operations Management (Logistics) Graduate Programme 2020

Employer: Toyota Manufacturing Uk Ltd
Job location
Burnaston - Derbyshire
Job salary
Starting salary £28,350 rising to over £36,000 upon completion of the Graduate Programme
Job term
2 year Graduate Programme - permanent
Job closing date

Development is everything at Toyota.  It's an intrinsic part of the way we work - the unique management philosophy that's made us an automotive leader.

At its heart is the Japanese concept of kaizen - a belief that no process can ever be declared perfect; that there's always a better way.  You can see it in our world-leading processes, our innovative products and, of course, in the way we develop our people.

What it means for you

For graduates fresh out of university, kaizen means constant development. Nothing stands still here - and graduates are hugely important to that.  We really value the injection of energy and ideas they bring.

Everything starts and stops with Logistics. Join us here and you'll be at the centre of our manufacturing operation bringing the world-famous Toyota Production System (TPS) to life. This is your chance to learn about concepts like jidoka and just-in-time first-hand from the company that pioneered them.

TPS is a lean manufacturing system designed to eliminate waste, reduce costs and keep lead times down. It was developed between 1948 and 1975 out of two concepts. The first is called jidoka (which loosely translates as "automation with a human touch") - this means that when a problem occurs, production stops immediately, preventing defective products. The second concept is just-in-time, in which each process produces only what is needed by the next, and so on, in a continuous flow. Where Toyota has led the way, other manufacturers have followed. You'll find that many universities teach TPS today as a proven operations management system.

Graduates who join us in Logistics get to tackle challenging problems in an exciting, fast-paced environment. You can potentially make a huge difference to our overall competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

Specific roles are diverse. You could be directing thousands of parts from hundreds of suppliers through the plant every day. Or, you might find yourself keeping production lines running smoothly by planning volumes, spotting issues and taking swift action to put things right. You'll certainly learn valuable supplier management skills as well as developing as a communicator and a problem-solver.

So if you want a future designed to last, go see for yourself (or 'genchi genbutsu' as we say at Toyota).

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