Apprenticeship Programmes

Employer: National Grid
Job salary
£18,326 - £24,533
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National Grid

About us

There's never been a more exciting time to join the energy sector. It's a transformational era as we work to come up with solutions that will enable us to cut carbon emissions and tackle climate change. We need problem solvers, creative thinkers and people with a passion to help us deliver a clean, green energy system for the future.

A National Grid Apprenticeship isn’t just about getting a job – it’s an opportunity to join a new generation of talent, charged with the destiny of shaping the future of energy. We’ll help you develop your skills through a combination of practical work and academic study, all the while providing you with the passion, skills and knowledge you need to power all our futures.

Our Opportunities

We offer a range of exciting and impactful programmes. Each gives you the opportunity to explore your interests, test your skills and discover what a career in our evolving industry can offer. Bringing power to the UK as a whole, the work we do is unique and unparalleled in scope: here, you’ll take on responsibilities you just won’t find anywhere else.

These programmes are perfect for those who are a school or college leavers and can’t choose between a practical or a theoretical pathway. It combines both, whilst earning a full-time salary and gaining a qualification worth approximately £20,000 meaning work and study but without the debt at the end of it.


Entry Requirements

Length of Programme

Qualification Achieved (Depending on which route)


Advanced Apprenticeship


3-4 Years

Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma/BTEC/HND


Higher Apprenticeship

A-Levels/BTEC Level 3/HNC/HND

2-3 Years

Level 4 Diploma/Foundation Degree


Degree Apprenticeship

A-Levels/BTEC Level 3/HNC/HND

4 ½ Years



Advanced Apprenticeship Programme

On our Advanced Apprenticeship Programme, you'll start a career whilst furthering your education by combining formal studying and practical application, you’ll develop the skills and sharpen the knowledge that’ll set you up to lead us into the future. 

After you have completed and passed your apprenticeship you will take up your position in your first post role. And, just because you’ve graduated your apprenticeship, doesn’t mean the learning will stop, you will have the opportunity to continue putting into practice your training, and working towards further technical certificates and qualifications.

The roles that you can apply for now are:

  • Advanced Apprenticeship Substation Craftsperson, Electricity Transmission (London, East Kent, North Kent, Sussex & Romney, Solent)
  • Gas Engineering Advanced Apprentice, Gas Transmission (Avonbridge, Aberdeen, Warrington, Alrewas, Felindre, Bacton, Cambridgeshire, St Fergus, Kings Lynn)

Higher Apprenticeships

There’s a lot you can learn by going to university but it doesn't need to be full-time. If you know what career direction you want to take, why not start a career whilst also studying at university or college, debt-free, and getting experience under your belt. 

Once you’ve completed your training, you’ll have the opportunity to put what you’ve learnt into practice while building your skills and working towards certificates and qualifications. Whatever role you choose, the opportunities really are endless.

The roles that you can apply for now are:

  • Higher Apprenticeship Substation Engineer, Electricity Transmission (London, East Kent, North Kent, Sussex & Romney, Solent)
  • Trainee Power System Engineer Higher Apprentice, Electricity System Operator (Wokingham)
  • Higher Apprenticeship Data Analyst, IT (Warwick, Solihull)
  • Higher Apprenticeship Engineering & Asset Management, Electricity Transmission (Warwick)
  • Higher Apprenticeship Network Engineer, Electricity Transmission (Wokingham)
  • Construction Higher Apprentice, Capital Delivery (London & South England)
  • Project Support Higher Apprentice, Capital Delivery (Warwick)

Degree Apprenticeship

Our very first opportunity to join this Degree Apprenticeship in Gas Transmission, you’ll join this four-and-a-half-year development programme where you’ll study towards a BEng in an engineering discipline, undertake technical and on-job training, with three three-month placements across our organisation before starting your full-time role.

The roles that you can apply for now are:

Gas Transmission Degree Apprenticeship, Gas Transmission (Warwick)

What we’re looking for

Each role at National Grid requires specific skills – and we look for people who can contribute their own ideas and way of thinking.

However, there are some qualities that tie us together. The world of energy is constantly evolving: we need people with the spark, adaptability and drive to keep people connected.

If you’re passionate about the future of our industry – and excited by the prospect of changing it – then you could be right for National Grid.