Job advertising on WES website

Advertising jobs on the WES website is a great way of increasing the chances of getting women to apply for your engineering jobs, which is the first step in increasing the women engineers in your organisation.

Costs for Job Advertising - All credits are for 1 job for up to 30 days.

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1 credit: £50 + VAT


1 credit: £75 + VAT

5 credits: £350 + VAT (£70 per credit) (to be used within 1 year)

10 credits: £650 + VAT £65 per credit) (to be used within 1 year)

Note: A credit equals one advert for up to 30 days on the website, thus, 2 credits will be required should you wish to place one advert on the website for up to 60 days. Each credit includes the insertion of one logo or image on the job advert, and additional images can be inserted into the job advert at the cost of £25 + VAT per image.

Companies and their available job titles will also be listed in the monthly WES e-newsletter, with a link to the advert on the WES site (the jobs descriptions themselves will not be listed here though). We can also 'tweet' your job to our Twitter followers, please send us the text if you would like to use this service.

Payments for job advertising can be made here. Please note: If paying online you will need to add VAT at the UK rate of 20% to your payment. Please also indicate that the payment is for job advertising when asked. For organisations making payment from overseas please send these with a SHA (shared costs) charge code instruction.

Gender Decoder Service

We can offer you a Gender Decoder service, so you can see if your job advert uses masculine-coded language that puts female candidates off from applying for your role. To use this service, click here.

Guidelines for Submitting Jobs

WES offers a self-serve job advertising board where you are able to upload and edit your own job advertisements. The process for this is as follows:

  • To register for the first time, contact us at and advise how many job advertisements you would like to purchase.
  • Payment is required prior to posting the advert. Please either pay online directly as detailed above, or request an invoice. In order for WES to raise an invoice, please inform us at of the following information:
    • Number of credits you wish to purchase
    • Email address to be used to set up your user account
    • Billing details for your organisation, including company trading name, company trading address and the name, email and telephone contact for accounts
    • Purchase order number if required
  • Please also send your Twitter handle (e.g. @WES1919) and tweet if you would like us to tweet out your job to WES' Twitter followers
  • Once payment is arranged you will be sent details of your user name and password. This will give you access to the system to allow you to post your advert(s). Please keep your details as you will be able to use these again.
  • Follow the online instructions (content required is shown in the 'Required Information for Job Adverts' below).
  • When you have entered your job, it will be submitted for approval. Once approved, your advert will be published and you will receive a notification.
  • If you lose or forget your password, please visit the user login page to reset it.
  • Once set up with access to the system, you will be able to submit further jobs to the board by logging on here  You will be invoiced for each job posted.

Required Information for Job Adverts

Please note that you will be prompted to add the following information online for the job you are advertising. Many of these fields are mandatory so you will not be able to submit a job for publication without them:

  • Logo in jpeg, png or gif format (please note that once your logo is loaded the first time you will be able to select from a drop down list of advertisers when posting subsequent vacancies)
  • Company Name 
  • Job Title to be advertised
  • Location 
  • Salary (you can enter 'competitive' or similar if you don't want to reveal exact salary)
  • Term (i.e. permanent, contract, fixed term, etc.) 
  • Opening date for applications (defaults to today's date)  
  • Closing date to apply (each individual job advert purchased is for one month, so please provide a closing date accordingly or it will be edited for you)
  • Job Summary (this will appear in the main job listing with all other jobs and should be no longer than one paragraph)
  • Main Job Description - always include the job summary text here, as applicants clicking on link to job from e-newsletter will only view text written in job description box.
  • Link to the job on your website or a contact email address for applications. Please note that this is essential as WES cannot receive applications on your behalf. We recommend adding this at the bottom of the "Job Description" field.


Terms and conditions

  • WES does not offer a proof reading service for job adverts - please ensure your details are accurate and spell checked prior to posting on the site
  • Always ensure you add a link to apply or email address to apply to within the Main Job Description as WES is unable to receive applications on your behalf
  • WES will endeavour to approve new job adverts or amended job adverts within 24 hours Monday - Friday excluding public holidays
  • To ensure a job can be advertised in the WES e-newsletter in the same month as being posted, a job must be submitted by the 9th calendar day of the month to achieve the editorial cut off date (unless the closing date falls before 17th of that month in which case it will not appear). Alternatively if the job is still live by the 17th calendar day of the next month, it will appear in that month's e-newsletter
  • If you do not provide a Twitter handle and text for a tweet, WES makes no guarantee of tweeting the job for you

If you have any queries about the above please contact us at

For information about the other sponsorship or advertising opportunities click here.