POSTPONED!!! Women in STEM -How female engineers can transform the future

26th March 2020

This event is part of the Women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) series of lectures, talks and panels organised  jointly by the Lit & Phil, the Royal Society of Chemistry, the Women’s Engineering Society, Palace of Science, the Institute of Physics, and the Institution of Civil Engineers.  The aim of these events is to celebrate the amazing work done by women in their area of STEM

In this event, the Women’s Engineering Society will celebrate the past, and look at how female engineers can transform the future. The event will begin with a talk from WES Centenary Trail Project Officer Helen Close, highlighting the work being done to ensure we don’t forget the role of female engineers throughout history.  Following this, a panel of local female engineers will debate which area of engineering will transform the future to the greatest extent. The event will conclude with drinks and networking.

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