QuantumBlack - Women as Tech Leaders Day

16th November 2018

To celebrate the International Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, QuantumBlack is running an immersive day of workshops and networking dedicated to applied Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (ML) on Friday 16th November in London - an event designed by women, for women.

Applicants from all technical disciplines and levels of experience in the ML space are invited to apply.

Speakers include:

Kate Smaje, Senior Partner at McKinsey

Larissa Suzuki, Senior Product Manager at Oracle

Clare Kitching, Analytics Engagement Director at QuantumBlack

Maren Eckhoff, Principal Data Scientist at QuantumBlack

Anna Watkins, Former Analytics Engagement Director at QuantumBlack

Helen Mullings, Chief People Officer at QuantumBlack

For more information and to book please go here