Minerva Scientifica – Echoes from London

13th June 2019


Echoes from London is the first English species of Minerva Scientifica's successful five-star Edinburgh Festival Fringe performance commemorating triumphs and histories of Scotland’s Superwomen of Science through a blend of music, song and spoken word. Featuring singer and composer Frances M Lynch, the show has been on fabulous tour including the Highlands and Islands, entertaining its audiences and engaging with local communities. 

Echoes from London has been specially created in collaboration with Stroud Green Festival, Stroud Green Primary School and the Women’s Engineering Society, which celebrates its 100th anniversary this year.  Among others, the “Superwomen” featured include two suffragettes: a Stroud Green School Head  Agnes Metcalfe BSc, and the electrical engineer and physicist Hertha Ayrton from Finsbury Technical College who was a friend of Marie Curie and a prolific inventor. 

Their stories are told through the music of women composers from the early 1700’s to the present day, including Haringey – born composer Madeleine Dring. Others are Anne Hunter (better known as a poet who often worked with Haydn), Helen Hopekirk(known as the 2nd Clara  Schumann),  and our own local composer and performer Frances M Lynch.

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