Mentioning the unmentionable; Menopause!

18th October 2021

FREE ONLINE EVENT - 18th OCTOBER 2021 - 11:45am to 12:45pm REGISTER HERE:

Whether you are searching for answers or squirm at the thought of hearing about ‘women’s issues’ this is a must watch.

On Menopause Awareness Day we are raising awareness and explore what women's life stages mean to real people. There is no escaping 50% of the planet are female and it affects everyone.

Lauren Chiren of ‘Women of a Certain Stage’ will chair our diverse panel where we shall explore the good and bad experiences of women's life stages, in the context of the STEM workplace / including some discussion focused on STEM workplaces.

By sharing personal journeys and stories we can all better understand and improve our home life and workplaces.