Feeling Phoney? An introduction to dealing with the imposter phenomenon, London

27th June 2017

Feeling phoney?

There are few experiences more draining than feeling like a phoney.

The notion of being less competent than you should be or believing your success to be a bit of a mistake can be stressful.The sense that at some point you're going to be found out as an impostor can be crippling to achievement and may cause anxiety and overwork.

  • "I'm really not good enough to be doing this job."
  • "When are they going to find out I'm not as competent as they think I am?"
  • "How did I get here? I'm really not qualified."

It's called the impostor phenomenon and it's common: especially among women. While the impact of the impostor phenomenon is felt by the individual, the issue is a societal one.

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