Electrifying Women Training Session: Blogging, Presenting and Research

8th January 2020

electrifying women 1920s

We need you! Electrifying Women, an AHRC funded project based at the University of Leeds, needs volunteers to help us continue enhancing and sharing the history of women in engineering.

We want to give you the skills that you'll need for:

Blogging evocative stories about women's history in engineering

Presenting about women's history in engineering to any kinds of audience

Researching the archives on women's history in engineering...

...so that you can help us tell the stories of the past lives of women in engineering and especially the history of the Women's Engineering Society. That way we hope to inspire more young women to find a path into professional engineering. Whether you have a little, or a lot, of time, we need as many people as possible to volunteer with us.

Run by the Electrifying Women team and taking place in the Science Museum's dedicated research centre, this three hour session (with a free lunch included) will offer free training on presenting, blogging and online archival research.

This session is ideal for anyone with an interest in history, women's history, and/or engineering, who wants to learn more about researching, outreach and engagement.

Book your place here.