Designing for Inclusive Engineering, Loughborough

20th June 2019

WES Celebrating 100 Years

Engineers create solutions for the whole of the community yet we know there is not only a lack of diversity within the workplace, but how difficult it can be personally to empathise with how someone else uses technology. Whether this is a teenager not understanding why their parents can't use Twitter, or designing a building without wheelchair accessibility. These issues are rarely deliberate exclusion but inclusion has to become a fundamental part of design. Find out how you can become a more inclusive designer and a more effective engineer by attending this lecture.

Dawn Bonfield is a past President of the Women's Engineering Society and the Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor of Inclusive Engineering at Aston University. She is also founder & Director of Towards Vision, a Company which aims to work towards a vision of diversity and inclusion in engineering.

This event takes place at Loughborough University at 6.30pm

Free event tickets available here.