A Car for Women and other Arrol-Johnston stories: Dr Nina Baker at Dumfries Museum

21st November 2019

gallowyas cars

Nina Baker will be speaking at Dumfries Museum on early WES member Dorothée Pullinger & her connection to the Heathhall and Tongland car factories of South West Scotland.

She will bring to life the stories of the women who worked in the Heathhall and Tongland factories of Arrol-Johnston, before, during and after the First World War. Most famously, the managing director’s daughter, Dorothée Pullinger, was trained as an engineer and helped manage the factories as well as design the Galloway car, marketed for women drivers. Other pioneering women also got their start in engineering there and one, sadly, met her end. "A Car for Women" exhibition is also on display at the Museum.

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Please phone Dumfries Museum on 01387 253374 to reserve a FREE place.