Past events

11th April 2019

The Untold Stories of Women in Engineering, Edinburgh Science Festival

During World War I over 800,000 women worked in engineering, but were expected to return to domestic duties at the end of the war. Female pioneers campaigned to retain their engineering status and in 1919 set up the Women's Engineering Society. Engineer historian Nina Baker and former WES president Dr Carol Marsh tell the stories of these fascinating women.
10th April 2019 - 11th April 2019

3rd Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo, Manchester

Women in 4.0 takes centre stage at UK’s largest event for the 4th Industrial Revolution

The 3rd edition of the Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo takes place in Manchester 10-11 April.

21st March 2019

Cybersecurity and Internet of things (IoT)

7 - 8.30pm University of Wales, Swansea

A lecture by Dr Carlene Campbell.

Cyber war has begun, and we can see the consequences in our daily lives.

IoT is still very much a work in progress. When machines become autonomous they are able to interact with

other machines and make decisions which impact upon the physical world. The IoT will increase the potential

attack surface for cyber-criminals. More devices online means more devices that need protecting, and IoT

15th March 2019

WES Annual Conference 2019: Celebrating the Past, Transforming the Future

Booking has now closed for the sold our 2019 WES Centenary Conference - Celebrating the Past, Transforming the Future on Friday 15 March 2019. A once in a lifetime opportunity to celebrate 100 years of the Women’s Engineering Society whilst boosting your Continued Professional Development. Get involved in the debate about how we can face the challenges for the next 100 years and be part of the solution.
8th March 2019

Echoes from Inverclyde - celebrating the histories of Scotland’s forgotten female scientists

Echoes celebrates the histories of Scotland’s forgotten female scientists, through song, music, performance and spoken word, featuring collaborations between professional musicians, performers, community musicians and school children from the surrounding areas. The Scottish “Superwomen” featured include Greenock’s own Agnes Borthwick, a WW1 engineer at Georgetown munitions factory, and a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Women’s Engineering Society.
7th March 2019

Amazing Women, Terrific engineers, Great Stories. A WES2019 Talk.

Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee. 5-6.30pm.

At the same time as women were fighting to get the vote, many of the same women were battling to become professional engineers in a very male workplace. Dr Baker will share highlights from her years of research into the hidden histories of these pioneering women engineers. Some great stories of the battles they faced to be taken seriously and of their engineering achievements.

2019 is the centenary of the foundation of the Women’s Engineering Society and this talk is part of the society’s centenary celebrations.

7th March 2019

More than Pioneers: Women Engineers’ Technical Achievements. WES2019

Dalhousie Building, University of Dundee; 2:00 – 3:30pm

We honour many of the women who battled to get careers in engineering in the early 20th century for the pioneering role they had in opening doors into a male-dominated workplace. This talk will focus on the technical achievements of wome British women engineers and reveal how they were not ‘merely’ pioneers as females but also as excellent engineers.

2019 is the centenary of the foundation of the Women’s Engineering Society and this talk is part of the society’s centenary celebrations.

6th March 2019

2019 Everywoman in Tech Forum - The Power of Diversity

This one-day event will gather both male and female role models who innovate, challenge and embrace technology, inspirational women who have achieved great success within the sector and influential entrepreneurs who will share stories of their journey. Through keynote speeches, panel discussions and interactive masterclasses delegates will explore pressing topics shaping the current tech landscape. Attendees will discover emerging technologies, trends and innovations which will impact on the future of the sector. 

22nd February 2019 - 25th February 2019

A Car for Women and Other Stories

Launch 16:30 to 18:00 Friday 22nd February
Exhibition 10:00 to 17:00 Monday 25th February

City Art Centre, Edinburgh  EH1 1DE

The exhibition explores the life of Dorothée Pullinger and the other 'girl engineers' who sought professional engineering training in Galloway during WW1. They went on to produce the Galloway car, described as 'a car made by ladies for others of their sex'. A surviving model can be seen at the Riverside Museum in Glasgow. These audacious women were pioneers in areas which are still problematic for women's participation today.