Jacinta Caden

Ordinary Council Members

Jacinta is a qualified refrigeration engineer and has been working in the industry for over 14 years. She has progressed from the practical, hands on side of the industry through to various roles including technical, design, sales and managerial positions and currently lives in the UK. Her role with Integral is to research, source and develop new and existing business with temperature control requirements. This allows Integral to deliver their engineering excellence to a diverse range of clients, predominantly in the food production/processing, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, storage, logistics, life science and critical sectors.

Jacinta is a Member of the IOR and part of the steering group for the WiRACHP network. Although WiRACHP is a more industry specific organisation its primary focus is very similar to that of WES.

She comes from the west of Ireland where for over 50 years her family have refrigeration, electrical and haulage businesses. She has been immersed in male dominated industries from her very beginning. Although for her and her 3 sisters it was normal growing up to explore all things engineering on a daily basis, they didn’t all share the same tendencies or enthusiasm. Nevertheless, she never was discouraged. As an adult she realises how fortunate she was to have had those opportunities and encouragement therefore promoting women in engineering roles whatever the discipline is important for her.

The other passion Jacinta has is for driving. She caught that bug from an early age, to the extent she has the driving licence and qualifications for driving coaches and even articulated trucks. She has a weakness for “anything speed”. She has enjoyed track days and experiences, watching truck racing is her favourite. Her highest tandem parachute jump was from 13,000ft, also under her belt is a wingwalk. She also likes climbing mountains, yoga, travelling and going home to Ireland to see family and friends.

Jacinta Caden