WES100 National Essay Competition 2019.

As part of the society's centenary celebrations the WES Scottish Circle invites young people under 18 in Scotland to participate in the WES100 National Essay Competition 2019.

Details of the competition

Entrants are required to write an essay titled 'A Woman in Engineering' according to the following details.  There are different categories for primary and secondary schools.

  • The subject of the essay must be a woman who has worked or is working in engineering, for primary pupils this includes women no longer living.  The term 'working in engineering' is used to reflect the incredibly diverse range of jobs that contribute to the success of Engineering in the UK.  Please choose only one woman but include how her role may have changed with education, experience and advances in technology.
  • Additional points will be awarded where there is a personal connection between the woman engineer and the pupil, school, or local area.
  • Primary school pupils may be guided in their research by teachers and parents.
  • Secondary pupils must conduct their own research and personally interview their subject 'face to face' or using Skype, email, letter etc.
  • There is no minimum number of words requirement.
  • Entrants are encouraged to include one photograph of their Woman Engineer and/or one image that is relevant to the Engineer’s work.  Entries without a picture will not be penalised.
  • Prize categories are based on age of the pupil (Primary, Secondary and Future Engineer).  Students, Apprentices and Future Engineers 18yrs or under at 31/12/19 are encouraged to follow the instructions for Secondary Schools.

Advice for Entrants, Teachers and Parents

  1. The purpose of the competition is to encourage entrants to investigate local female engineers and to ignite their interest in engineering.  We aim to encourage them to find that women have been working in Engineering in their local areas for over 100 years
  2. Open to all, both boys and girls, as we want pupils, families, teachers to see women working in engineering as commonplace.
  3. No specialist technical knowledge or experience is required to enter and there is no minimum word number.  Additional points will be awarded for entries that are clear, concise, informative and enjoyable to read.
  4. Up to 2 images (the Engineer and an image to represent her work), no penalty for no images but if someone is uncomfortable with the essay writing they could have an entry assessed on their images alone.  Please say if the photograph or image is the original work of the entrant.
  5. Prizes of a £25 book token: essential for all future engineers as professional engineers must like books.  As many pupil prizes as possible (10+ primary, 10+secondary). Participation certificates for all entrants.  
  6. Primary: write about any woman current or historic.  Help from parents and teachers is encouraged.
  7. High School: interview a living Engineer by whatever means most suitable (121, letter, email, skype), expected to be their own work entirely.  If Schools do not have existing links with local Engineering companies then STEM Ambassadors are ready to help.
  8. Entries must be submitted by a Teacher or school/college employee via the competition email address.  Winners will be announced by 23 June International Women in Engineering Day, INWED2019.  The project is run by WES volunteers led by Dr Caroline Graham CEng.
  9. Please submit the application form, your essay, and any other relevant media to Caroline Graham at wesscotlandcentenary@1919.wes.org.uk by 30/4/19 (revised deadline).   Download the application form here (Word Document)

Good luck!