WES student programme


WES is delighted to be supporting the Set to Lead project which is all about leadership skills and insights for udnergraduates to help set uyou on the right path. As part of the proejct there will be opportunties for students to conenct with preofessional techncial women. Find out more...

The heart of the WES student programme is the Doris Gray Student Conference. Sign up for the Doris Gray student newsletter by following this link.  The conference connects women students from across the UK with each other and with practising engineers/technologists and business leaders at a professional conference venue.

The first Doris Gray event in Edinburgh on 14 and 15 November 2009 was a great success. The 45 students from across the UK were appreciative of the event led by Carol Marsh of Selex, feedback included: "I'm inspired", "This is fantastic" and "I have made some other really useful contacts in photovoltaics" to  "I connected with another snowboarder". The WES Doris Gray 2010 took place between 19 and 21 November 2010 in Sheffield alongside the WES annual conference.

Speakers included Female Inventor of 2008, Tanya Ewing, Ally Price, Raffaella Ocone and Sandra Cairncross. The after dinner speaker was Fiona Hyslop MP who offered insights to Female Engineers and showed her passion for advancing women in the workplace.

The conference was made possible by a legacy from Doris Gray and sponsorship by companies and University Departments.



The contacts on these pages tend to be friendly members of staff rather than the student organisers who change from year to year.

We can help you if you wish to start up (or revive) a Student Group. We think they are an excellent way to have fun while doing some good for others (and yourselves).Contact our Student Coordinator to find out more! Email spc@wes.org.uk

Note that representatives from Student Groups, are always welcome to attend Council meetings. Student groups interested in becoming affiliated with WES should contact the Student Programme Coordinator.

Bursaries are available to students and those on reduced incomes. If you feel you need the benefit of a bursary please contact the WES Office (hello@wes.org.uk) before registering for either the main conference or the Doris Gray student conference.