The Verena Holmes Lecture Series

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The Verena Holmes Lecture Project opened in 1969 and is now closed. Verena Holmes was a Past President of WES.

Mention engineering, and what do young people see? Decay and the past? Or hope and the future?

The Verena Holmes lecture series was about young people and engineering. It was about ideas -- the ideas that drive engineering and the impact that engineering has on everyday life.

The lecture encouraged young people to think about engineering in terms of the vital role it plays in maintaining and improving our way of life and standards of living -- and how they can make an impact by choosing engineering as a career.

Have you noticed that primary-aged children are enthusiastic about engineering and technology? This lecture series tapped into that, opening eyes, ears and minds to the variety engineering offers.

The presentations were exciting, interactive events and explored many aspects of engineering from bridge-building to the manufacture of chocolates to putting stripes in toothpaste.

The lecture was a joint venture between industry and the Women's Engineering Society aimed at capturing the imaginations of youngsters aged between 9 and 11, to encourage them to seek careers in engineering.

Each lecture lasted approximately 45 minutes. The lectures ran twice in each of six to ten venues.

Supporters of past lectures include: BAe, BP, BT, Cadbury, Cambridge University, City University, Comtek, Dave Corporatin, Duckhas, Elliot Autmation, GKN, Hydraulics Research Station, ICI ICL, Imperial College, John Laing, Marconi, veArup &Partners, PowerGen, Rolls-Royce, Unilever, Yeseed Civil Structures

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