She's an Engineer- Vicky Stewart

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Route into engineering

I entered the Acoustics industry (through Atkins) on my placement year from Salford University and have been working at the same company ever since. I didn't realise it was a proper job until I was doing it.

Job description

It is my job to investigate future infrastructure projects, such as changes to roads and railways, to see whether the people that live near that project would experience a change in noise in their homes, schools, hospitals or community spaces.

I mainly work in an office where I attend meetings, carry out calculations and write reports.

There are also days when I visit the sites of my projects to measure sound, this includes an investigation of the environmental noise sources the people can already hear.

As part of my job, I occasionally meet with people that live near the projects to discuss noise at their home. This includes being an 'Expert Witness' at a Public Inquiry, which is a lot like being in Court!

The good things in life happen outside your comfort zone.

I fell into acoustics through a love of music and an interest in Physics and Maths, both of which I got from my Engineer Dad.

I love getting to work with lots of different people to solve problems. Sometimes we need to work nights, so that we can measure the quietest time period, but it's quite good fun really!

Organisations like WES are essential for bringing people together with similar interests. When we come together it doesn't matter who we work for, we support each other and work together to move the industry forward.

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