She's an Engineer- Natasha Dunkinson

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Route into engineering

I took three A-Levels, Maths with Mechanics, Physics and Chemistry before starting my Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprenticeship at BAE Systems.

Job description

 Aerospace Engineering Degree Apprentice at BAE Systems

Currently, I move around the business into different departments. My current role is on wind tunnels, this is aircraft testing and modelling. In other placements, I have designed aircraft parts and planned aircraft maintenance.

I work from home at the moment and typically have a morning call to debrief all activities for the day. Then, I work on many different tasks that could include writing safety files and work instructions. Every day is different for me and I love the variety of tasks I can be involved in.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Take a minute and be proud of everything you have achieved so far. Life is short and every moment is valuable.

The best thing is networking and meeting amazing engineers willing to help me on my journey. The worst thing is that my course is only 5 years!

The feedback I have gained from placement managers. Seeing that everything I have done for them has been of value and the effort I have put in is appreciated.

I'm the Social Media Coordinator for the WES Apprentice Board.